And this absolutely does not begin and end only in our personal lives.If you're running or starting your own business, being multilingual will make you a hell of a better employer (or entrepreneur, or business strategist) as well. Every company that has ever existed, anywhere, has had at its very core a very simple common ground: people.

Literally translated, Kugelschreiber means “ball scriber” which is also funny for other reasons. I’m not sure why but every time I read this on a menu in Germany or hear someone say it, it brings a smile to my face. Wow, such a long word, this must be an abstract legal term or a chemical name, right? Not in Germany where you are expected to know their full set of titles. It’s like “I am at once a male, a doctor and a professor, why would you seek to rob me of any one of those attributes?!

” You might think this would be a house for rats, with little holes in the wall and rats darting to and fro. Pardon me if I got rather excited about visiting this park in Berlin.

Not only that, but every noun is given a gender with often bizarre results- a small girl is neuter rather than female, and the ocean can be either male, female or neuter depending on what term you use to describe it (Ozean, Meer, or See).

Mark Twain even wrote of his experience with the German language “surely there is not another language that is so slipshod and systemless, and so slippery and elusive to the grasp.

Alas, it’s the town hall, though it does show what Germans think of their local government. I’d imagined something akin to a debauched garden of Eden.

Has nothing to do with breaking wind, breaking wind once or never breaking wind. It turns out it just means the more general “pleasure garden”.

” Schweppes Italian Blunder The company Schweppes introduced its “tonic water” into the Italian market without overseeing its Italian translation: Schweppes Toilet Water…

General Electric’s French Blunder And finally, General Electric once attempted to release its new partnership brand in Europe under the name GPT.

The goal of any business is in helping people, assisting them in getting the things they want, providing them with something that they need…

or sometimes trying to convince them to buy something they may need.

But let me point out something that may or may not be obvious: Work and passion are not mutually exclusive!