The video was for the European market and was shot in San Francisco and is separate from the storyline of the other videos.

The video is a prequel to "Bubbly" and features Troy Dudley, the same man who has appeared in all of her other videos.

Troy dudley and colbie caillat dating of double your dating

Aside from modeling, Dubley is also an actor who has appeared on "Days Of Our Lives", the Hallmark television movie "Back When We Were Grownups" in which he played Peter Fonda`s character as a young man, and MTV`s "Mandy Moore Show." In addition, Dubley has been featured in musical artist Colbie Caillat`s music videos.

Colbie Caillat is currently engaged to Justin Young.

Chasing both of them with everything I've got, plus two dogs and two cats.

"The Little Things" is the third single from Colbie Caillat's 2007 debut album, Coco.

The last segment shows her at a party, where she talks with him.

; born May 28, 1985) is an American pop singer-songwriter and acoustic guitarist from Malibu, California.

She debuted in 2007 with Coco, which included hit singles "Bubbly" and "Realize".

In 2008, she recorded a duet with Jason Mraz, "Lucky", which won a Grammy.

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