Or, as my mother reminds me, “Be careful what you wish for because you just may get it!” May you have clarity in who you are and what you are looking for, and may you have good people to walk along side you.It’s also difficult to differentiate your unique traits from the multitude of those searching for their soul mates on dating websites.

Many people have their priorities aligned, but not all strive to live by them. I now understand she is looking for a man who takes action.

“Religiously, I would probably say I am mostly Modern Orthodox (shomer Shabbat and kashrut).

“I love doing creative things (I sew and knit) as well as learning about life and people.

My favorite three role models are Lucille Ball (for her humor), Jackie Kennedy (for her beauty and her class) and Eleanor Roosevelt (for her desire to want to improve the world and make it a better, happier place).” These sentences could have been just generic information.

“I love to travel and explore the world, meet different types of people and experience different cultures.

Friends and family are important to me, and I try to bring joy as much as possible to other people’s lives.Our sages tell us, “In the way that a person wants to go, in that way will he be led,” meaning that if you are clear about what you are searching for you are more likely to find it.So too, if you say you are looking for one thing but really you want another you are likely to end up with what you searched for, not what you desired.This is the most important to me, both in myself and in a mate.” “Below are my 3 important traits: 1. Has his act together – educated, has a solid profession and knows where he wants to go in life (also nice if he’s passionate about it). Deep – can discuss intellectual things about life, questions things, can have real, honest, open conversations.” “Qualities that are not fitting for me: 1.Kind/a mensch – a really good person who people are like, “Wow, what a guy! Sarcastic/cynical – says jokes a lot of time as supposedly funny but I think they are insulting and mean—insensitive. Stubborn/inflexible – unwillingness to change or adapt and/or grow. Overly critical – notices bad over good, doesn’t recognize or acknowledge good things.” Some people write, “I don’t want someone who…” By writing, “Qualities that are not fitting for me” she says the same thing in a more palatable way. – I put this as a bonus because I think I am actually funny so I don’t NEED that in a relationship but it’s a nice plus when your significant other can make u laugh – at silly things, funny situations in a non-mean or teasing way, laughter out of love. Passionate – If they have their own passions, interests, hobbies…they are interested in life in a different way other than JUST their profession. Clearly this was a dating profile she sent out to friends, family and matchmakers. Have a friend take photos, and don't wear sunglasses or a hat, or stand in shadows. It suggests a lack of interest in the whole dating process.