If the server tries to send a response then an exception will be thrown.

invalidating the existing session and creating new session in servlets-61

thats the best way , else if u include this session.invalidate in ...

Hello all, I am having a problem with the session subject, can someone help please?

I couldn't find any info regarding this after spending lots of time in spec and search engine.

Appreciate if some one gives me a way to overcome this issue.

See, a reference to all the Http Session objects is needed to invalidate all the sessions.

By keeping those in a Map with session id as the key we are easily able to remove those when the use explicitly invalidated the session or the session times out, in that case session Destroyed will be called where we can remove this Http Session object from ...

Following is the way i have implemented :- In the ...

When a PC closes a browser, the session on the server is still alive.

Guys: The session can be invalidated by the following ways: 1. Allowing the server to time-out the session Also, I wonder if we close the browser (the user was in session and a session id was maintained), and open a new browser with same URL (forget about username/password.is a clean URL without authentication..counter servlet): 1. Hi Jigar, if you go through SUN's API spec for HTTPSession, this will say you what i am quoting below: "Invalidates this session and unbinds any objects bound to it.".