Our words are hopefully as useful as they are unreliable.

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Indeed, just this week I’ve discovered (via Facebook) that in 2012 I made the heinously incorrect assumption in a piece that Fiona Pardington’s recent, stunning still lives involved Photoshop. I just got so carried away by the idea that modern technology might actually being put to some genuine beautiful use. Nothing’s more likely to involve sweeping generalisations, glaring omissions, and the simplification of the complexity of perception than the bottling down of things to best of end of year lists.

And yet, it matters to open up discussion and record things.

If you are willing to dedicate considerable time and effort to your campaign and spend your social capitol then choose Kickstarter.

I have a strong pro Kickstarter bias but it really comes down to what kind of campaign you want to run.

Make your stuff cool and you will find raising money to be a whole lot easier. Speaking of expensive, fulfilling your incentives is going to be a significant cost. My Huck Finn project went viral because it was something that people wanted to share.

Cool stuff doesn’t necessarily have to mean physical stuff. Make sure you take everything like postage, envelopes, shipping to you and stuff like that into account. Pledging to the Kickstarter was something secondary that sometimes happened but what people really wanted to do was share the idea. This means doing whatever you can before you launch and in the first two days or so to get attention on your campaign.If you have a very large project like a film or a web series you could consider breaking the funding up into pieces. I’m in this one, and we shot it in a short evening. First you have people who view donating as a preorder. A preorder isn’t possible with every kind of project but if you can you should actually be giving a finished copy of your thing.This is difficult though because you are going back to the same group of people (your people) more than once and you have to run more than one campaign. My video for Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was shot in an hour. Then there are people who just want to give money to a cool thing. I also feel strongly that your backers should be getting a deal for supporting you early.A quick scan of what I did for will provide the other part of the story. It never ceased to bug me when visiting how loaded with potential the new Auckland Art Gallery building is as an active social cultural space, and yet how desperately it largely clings onto old conservative exhibition models.Not to mention the boxing of both contemporary art and the collections.Granted, film professionals made both of these, but they are still very simple. If your movie is going to be selling for out of the trunk of your car for the next ten years don’t charge your backers for a DVD.