There are examples of people who survive that and are fruitful amazing artists who make it through, but the reason you're aware of them is because they're the ones that made it through."But for every Iggy Pop or Keith Richards, there are a dozen people like Darby Crash, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin or Jim Morrison; the numbers don’t even compare."We don't do drugs," he says "and I think that's a really big thing in music.

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You don't even have to look at actual fatality to see how drugs can affect a band, there are countless instances of bands breaking up due to the turmoil they can cause, whether it be someone going to jail or internal fighting when perhaps a little more restraint and communication could have been shown." As the band go into their 26 year, anticipation for new material is as fevered as it’s ever been.

The band will finally return to UK shores after an absence of 7 years when they support fellow Cali-natives Deftones in London, Manchester and Glasgow.

We would write Blaqk Audio and we would write AFI at separate times and slowly the lines started to blur.

In the case of XTRMST that was not really as accidental as that because Jade and I had been talking for some time about doing a straightedge hardcore band, which had the purpose of directly furthering the straightedge agenda.

The electronic genre of music is something that has appealed to us for many years, since we were very, very young.

Some of the first alternative music I ever heard was very synth based.

Despite Bottrill’s impeccable CV, he was off the project after just a couple of months, to be replaced by Joe Mc Grath, who had been promoted from his previous position as engineer on AFI’s was a really unique experience for us," recalls Burgan.

"It took a long time to demo the songs that make up that record.

I think at some point in that process we lost perspective on the things that really matter but we had already invested so much time and money into it that we felt we needed to take extra steps in order to make sure that we didn't get it wrong.