The earliest surviving catalogue of AB Lundby Leksaksfabrik -- once thought to be from the company's founding year of 1947, but now re-assessed as dating from the late 1950s -- shows a house with a traditional gable roof over two-storey box-like form.By the next surviving catalogue in 1966, the ancestor of the Gothenburg House is easily recognized.If the railings are white, the house was built after 1984. Among other models of Lundby houses, I'm the proud owner of the rare 1947 model with the lovely circular staircase, but if you have a Lundby house with a flat roof, you should send it to me immediately for safekeeping! Can be equipped with (standing) legs, 26 cm high in gray.

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As you wade through the maze of dating your Lundby dollhouses, we hope that Marion Osborne, UK, will help with some clues from her Lundby dollhouse research.

The excerpts below, published in the September2006 issue of The Lundby Letter, are from her 18-page booklet, entitled "Dollshouse Items Sold by Lundby from circa 1970-1986 in Numerical Order." In addition to contributing articles to several dollhouse magazines in the UK, Marion has also written three texts on dollhouses, all of which contain copies of actual catalogues, advertisements, and other documents.

Shortly after, they were replaced by less "dated" white, turned uprights under a hand-railing.

The 1961 bedroom, kitchen and bathroom were in their familiar locations.

Although Marion has a copy of the French version of the 1966-67 Franz Carl Weber toy catalog, in which the Lundby dollhouse appears, she acknowledges that it is not known for certain when the Lundby dollhouse that was later named the Gothenburg initially came on the market.

She believes it was first sold in the UK about 1969.The first thing you must do as a Lundby "sleuth extraordinaire" is to check the color of the balcony railings.If the railings are brown, it was built between 19. Most popular dollhouse in Sweden with built-in electricity.Or maybe you're a purist wanting to know if that laundry sink would be OK in your blue-floored house. Slap on your detective hats, grab your magnifying glasses, and come with me on a sleuth's shortcut guide to dating your house or anyone else's-with at least the air of confidence, if not the real thing.This article will feature how to date two of the best known Lundby dollhouses, the Gothenburg and the Stockholm.Let's start with the Gothenburg #6001, which originates in the 1966 catalog.