Four years ago, SNL casts did impressions of Sarah Palin and John Mc Cain, and the show came back this year with even better impersonations.With hilarious comedians like Fred Armisen and Jay Pharoah in the cast, season 38 features Romney and Barack Obama face-offs.Over the course of this year, Coalition members have organized letter deliveries to administration, written op-eds, leafleted the campus, held teach-ins, participated in rallies and flashmobs and staged a sit-in.

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When Jason Sudeikis did Joe Biden, it was pretty good. Everything he does is funny.” -Andy Lalerdt, first year physics graduate student “Tina Fey as Sarah Palin.

She got the mannerisms correct and a lot of times, she reiterated a lot of what Sarah Palin says and how ridiculous she sounds.” -Katie Bean, senior political science major “In general, I liked it when they recapped the debate in a funny way.

10 action, which started with a rally outside of 716 Columbus Ave.

and ended with the Coalition and community organizers blocking the Green Line.We took action because the Northeastern administration denies its adjuncts living wages, job security and health benefits.Recently, an op-ed in this paper written by an adjunct detailed their experiences and the culture of disrespect that Northeastern has created.Adjunct faculty are not provided health benefits by their employers, meaning that most are forced to obtain health coverage through state-subsidized plans.According to the Boston Globe, this is part of a nationwide trend toward turning professors into contract laborers, with 76Despite the fact that adjuncts have had a union since May 2014, over a year of bargaining has still failed to produce a contract.Though it’s not just the candidates who are entertaining the voters.