"Sodom and Gomorrah never dreamed of sexual immorality like this," Jennifer Le Claire wrote last year in the Christian magazine .

Dave Swindle, an associate editor at the conservative/libertarian site PJ Media, asked, "What happens when a bunch of teenage boys pool their money to buy a robot prostitute they can gang rape? What will our world be when people lose their virginity to a machine? Virginity is more a social construct than a physical state; we don't say someone whose hymen breaks using a Tampax or whose penis enters a Fleshlight have "lost their virginity" to tampons and sex toys.

And they are happy to meet her, too: "Glad to see such an awesome lady of mystery! "Even China is getting into it..a year's time China has gone from being non-existent in the doll market to having like 15 different manufacturers," artist Stacy Leigh, who styles and photographs these dolls, told magazine in 2013.

"When you get around to completely introducing yourself to her, you will find that her softness will blow your mind." Page is what's known as a "love doll" or "sex doll." She is "anatomically correct"—that is, built so people can penetrate her—but she doesn't move on her own or speak.

Meet the Sexbots Contemporary commercial sex dolls can appear quite lifelike, but they're mostly non-robotic.

The dolls, produced by companies such as California-based Real Doll and Japan's Orient Industry, tend to be made from silicone and a metal skeleton and weigh as much as 120 pounds.

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These have the potential to change not just how we relate to technology but how we relate to one another.

The challenge: How can we make robots part of our social/sexual fabric without letting them remake us?

But in the not-too-distant future it will become much less hypothetical for billions of people.

We are drawing ever closer to the era of realistic, affordable, emotionally intelligent robots, including sex robots.

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