But to have enough water to offer our marriages, we must have our own reservoir to draw from.Spiritual Water The most important kind of water is Spiritual water, which we get from our relationship with the Lord, who is the Living Water (John ? Over the years, Ron and I have read several devotional books together, and it’s vital to have a time to read the Bible and pray as a couple.Assuming that Christ is the soil of your marriage, all the hedges, in order to grow to maturity, must be planted in Him.

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We often share with each other the new things we’ve learned.

Sometimes he tells me a story or gives me an example from one of the tapes, and he likes to hear about my new insights as well.

Intellectual Water The second way to water your relationship is with intellectual water: new information. Our teenage son, Nick, and I are on a bowling league, and Ron likes to hear about our scores and the funny things that happen during our games.

Ron and I have many diverse interests and, while we do most of our activities together, we each have a few things we do alone. He especially loved the story about me lofting the ball backward as my teammates screamed and scattered.

So I made it a point to have something new to tell him every day.

I started reading the newspaper so we could talk about current events and joined a “Mommy and Me” class so I’d have stories from the “outside.” In the process of these new activities, I formed new interests and he looked forward to hearing what I had to say — and so did I.

Last year we hired a “landscape architect,” who charges twice as much as a gardener, to redesign our front yard. So after he yanked everything out, he planted some scrawny hedges.

Actually, his crew did the work; he just talked on his cell phone and drank iced mochas.

They consist of action words: Hearing: Listening and speaking with patience and understanding; Encouraging: Helping each other; Dating: Keeping it fresh and fun; Guarding: Agreeing on your boundaries — and enforcing them; Educating: Becoming an expert on your mate; Satisfying: Meeting each other’s needs.

Remember, these HEDGES must be watered, trimmed, and kept pest-free for the rest of your vineyard’s life. So put on your overalls and work boots, get your shovel, your hoe, and your clippers, and let’s get “hedge’n.” Planting the Hedges Gardeners know that maintaining a hedge is an ongoing task. And any gardener will tell you that when planting something, one of the most important considerations is the condition of the soil.

Next, the man in the parable placed a hedge around his vineyard. Several reasons: to protect it from intrusion by animals and thieves; to keep his vines inside his vineyard; and to separate his territory from his neighbors.