Needless to say, these new tracks are a bit of a departure from "Whistle" and "Boombayah", and the group recently talked about where the inspiration for the songs came from.In a new interview, Jennie discussed the inspiration behind "Playing With Fire", saying that while the song portrays love as "playing with fire", she hasn't had the experience yet and had to turn to fictional means to understand the song's emotional core: ""All of us only had secondhand experiences.

who is pink dating 2016-19

Pink Sofa, a dating site catering exclusively to lesbian and bisexual women, offers users more than just a place to meet people.

Not only are there extensive features that allow for community building, but the umbrella company that runs the site is focused entirely on serving the lesbian community - and thus, is highly specialized and perfectly suited to meet the needs of lesbian singles.

When a romantic scene comes on, we hold on to each other and scream.

In recent years, medicine has evolved very rapidly towards the global and multidisciplinary management of patients.

Membership costs vary depending on how long you'd like to commit for: one month costs $30.00 USD, three months $60.00 USD, six months $90.00 USD and one year $120.00 USD.

Members can pay using Pay Pal or their credit card.

There are two different membership levels with Pink Sofa: free and paid.

Free members have access to the entire site, including classifieds, forums and accommodation listings.

If you're gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, you'll find there's someone for everyone!

Registration is quick and free, so join today and start meeting singles in your area.

As a matter of fact, new treatments for acute or chronic diseases have arisen from these advances.