“The South Dakota Community Foundation's contribution to our project is an invaluable boost in our fundraising efforts, and has helped us get even closer to realizing our goal of not only maintaining our fitness and nutrition services in Gregory County, but expanding services for mental health and addiction in our communities,” says Kelsea Kenzy Sutton, Fitness of Main treasurer.

Pictured are Jeff Veltkamp & Brett Bastian Cofounder/Chairman of Warriors Never Give Up Children's Home Society has developed the "What If" Card Project, an interactive teaching tool that can be shared with agencies, schools, and families to assist in child abuse prevention.

Four age-based versions target specific age-appropriate issues.

Through the end of October, more than $386,000 has been distributed from the South Dakota Fund.

The South Dakota Fund supports economic development, human services, health, education and cultural initiatives across the state through grants to nonprofits.

This grant was presented through the South Dakota Community Foundation’s South Dakota Fund grant program.

Their intention of this organization and its outdoor adventures is and always has been to provide a place of relaxation, hope, family, and a break from life's daily struggles for our nations heroes.

You can also schedule an appointment ahead of time and skip past the stand-by wait.

South Dakota Department of Public Safety Mailing address: Driver Licensing Program 118 West Capitol Ave.

But your actual tasks will be completed at your local county treasurer's office.