She would wake at 5am and shower before anybody else was awake. “Life became unbearable and after a year I had to move into a flat of my own,” she admits.

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In most societies intersexed people have a hard enough time already without trying to live by the conflicting and often unrealistic expectations of Christians and their outdated and inadequate book.

The best an intersexed person can do is find what feels right, with the help of genetic testing and counseling if necessary, and with or without surgery just try to live life the best they can as the gender(s) that they feel they are.

It was also the first time my mother told my father that I was an intersex child.

Even as a baby, he had never seen me undressed or bathed.

Brother Jed himself also opined that the reason some people are born intersexed is that their parents were bisexual.

This shows a gross misunderstanding of genetics and sexuality, and basically punishes babies for their parents’ "sins" through the miracle of divine intervention.

Variations in physical expression occur, and it is possible that someone who appears physically "normal" is, in fact, intersexed due to their genetic makeup.

The birth rate of all of these "hermaphrodites" is generally 1%, and while this sounds low, remember this is one out of every 100 births.

She explains, “I was born in the rural town of Coligny in the North West Province , where the shocked midwife and my mother saw my genitals were female, but my clitoris resembled a tiny penis.

The perplexed midwife told my mother to take me to a doctor when I was six months old, which my mother did.

He advised immediate “genital normalisation” surgery to remove the phallus, making my genitals unmistakably female in appearance.