Price: 200rmb -- includes three drinks and the match result report.

Beijing South Railway Station, at present, is the largest railway station in the world, enjoys the fame as “the No. As the beginning station of Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Train, Beijing South Railway Station connects Beijing Railway Station in the east, Jinghu Railway and Dongshan Railway in the west, becoming the first high standard modern passages railway hub in China.

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Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station is one of the four major railway stations in Shanghai, China.

With a total area of 1.3 million square meters, it is now the largest railway station in Asia.

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Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, located in Changning District of Shanghai, is a major part of the Hongqiao Comprehensive Transportation Hub (“the Hongqiao hub”).

The station achieves a zero-distance transfer with the Terminal 2 of Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, as well as Line 2 and Line 10 of Shanghai Metro.

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Royal International Hotel is a luxurious 4-star property in Shanghai.

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Speed Dating: -- 2 dates with 4 minutes for each.(From pm to pm).

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