” and “as if I need another reason for disrupted sleep! I think this is one of the reasons why I love midwives, they have a finely tuned bullshit detector and aren’t afraid to call me on it.

Julie perrault xxx-89

We would go through the usual routine: blood pressure (always low), heart rate (always low), measure the size of my baby bump (always jaw-droopingly huge).

For my last baby, I went to a new midwife and midwifery practice for me.

It wasn’t just the typical have-to-pee-every-hour stuff (although that’s very real, people). I don’t know if it’s the INFJ thing or a spirit-gift thing but I’ve often had a weird dream connection to my spirit and even, I would argue, to the Holy Spirit.

And it was more than the bout of sickness we had had here for the past few weeks. I’ve often experienced almost a sense of the prophetic in dreams – for my self, for my husband, for our children, even for my sister on occasion.

I was run off my feet with sick kids and a sick husband, culminating in my own punishing chest cold. It seems to be a place where I meet God or work through life for some weird reason.

So I know enough by now to pay attention to my dreams.

And in the last weeks of my last pregnancy, my dreams became oddly consuming and consistent.

I would dream in vivid detail of my actual self in my actual life.

I use it as an ice-breaking anecdote at women’s retreats, I wrote about it on my blog, I use it as a sermon illustration when I preach at Christmas: I have all my jokes down pat.