Drake reminisces with an ex girlfriend, Keyshia Chante, on 106 & Park.Drake is pretty open about his relationships and flings, as his music usually incorporates the females in his life.

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Drake and Rihanna may have gotten back together in 2016, but it didn’t prove that the chemistry between them was legit.

Their relationship did not last long, but as par for the course with Drake, he may have gotten another song out of it, as 2015’s “Views from the 6” may have been inspired by his relationship Rihanna.

Maybe that’s how the rumor got started in the first place!

Drake helped bring the Internet to a stand-still in late 2016 when he posed for a number of lovey-dovey images alongside Jennifer Lopez.

In 2012, Drake achieved what many men would kill for, he went on a date with Tyra Banks!

Apparently, it was just one date, where they were in disguise and it was at Disneyland. He apparently followed that date up with another date with actress, Kat Dennings.Both artists have had a number of hits inspired by their past relationships, so think of what a Drake/Swift relationship could bring about!Think about it; first, you get them collaborating on a track, maybe two, maybe a whole album.Apparently, Drake had a crush on her, they went out to dinner but that was it.So, for the most part, we’ve listed the confirmed romantic interludes of Drake’s life, but there is also the following list of maybes, unconfirmed, denied and rumored dates, girlfriends and the like."They have been seeing each other for a number of weeks and her friends are saying she is already smitten."" data-reactid="15"“Jen and Drake have tried to keep their romance under wraps by suggesting they are just working together, but the truth is they are an item,” the source reportedly said.