It also looks like Kelly had a run-in with a huge wave that promised to wipe off the swimsuit from her thin frame.She had to pull herself together, but the beach-goers may have gotten an eyeful for a minute or two.

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Fans of the soap may have been hoping for a real-life romance between those two, but Kelly Monaco says otherwise, even though the photos sure looks like a romance is blooming between them.

It said that the actors were not happy about this new romance between them off-set.

Jason is engaged to Elizabeth, who has been keeping this secret to herself. Patrick Drake and has made a family with him and Emma.

That poor little girl will once again be heartbroken that her daddy can’t seem to walk down the aisle with a new mommy without a “dead” spouse being revealed.

It sure looks like Billy in the arms of his co-star in the photos that are posted on .

Most of the snapshots were of Kelly in her skinny white bikini.

Even Chad Duell and Kristen Alderson are still together.

stars are about to be reunited as husband and wife on the ABC daytime drama.

Fans have been waiting for the moment that Jason realizes who he is and will go back into the arms of his wife.

So, if these two really are dating in real life, the reunion on the show will make it just a little sweeter.

On has posted, the fan-favorite couple are swapping secrets, which may bring them even closer.