More than 40-years-ago Gerry Lopez first laid eyes on Uluwatu, making up part of the crew to first pioneer Bali's now famous left.

It was mostly an empty line up in 1974, the region energised by friendly local vibes with a distinct lack of any infrastructure.

As we started to realize that Gerry hadn't been back to Bali in more than 20 years -- and considering how much the place had changed -- we realized we were looking at a pretty special moment. He's this mixture of child-like wonder and ancient wisdom.

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I have the dubious distinction of just buying the second to the last Stipe 280 cam in the country. Here is a paste from Chaffin's Catalogue: Part No. Regards, Jon Hey Jon, here's a thread where Glen talks about the differences between their .280 cam and Stipe's They are very similar, I think maybe the Chaffin cam gets theoretically more power on the low and high end, but in a car they probably perform about the same.

Snyder's has ONE more on the shelf if you are interested. Description Price 3041BHP Camshaft, New Hi Performance, 0.280 Lift (26-27) 350.00 3041BS Camshaft, New, Improved Stock 0.250 Lift (26-27) 350.00 Our new High Performance Camshafts are Computer Designed For Optimum Torque and Horsepower From 500 thru 2750 RPM. The 0.250 Lift Cam is recommended for overhead cam applications. The only real difference is a few degrees on where the intakes and exhausts open.

Situated at the heart of the Jurassic Coast, Lyme Regis is a major centre for fossil collecting.

The village is located 25 miles west of Dorchester and 25 miles east of Exeter.

Trip Adviser rate the restaurant 16 from 68 in Lyme Regis.

At the mouth of the Lim River, facing the sea, is this 18th-century pub.The Cobb wall provides a breakwater to protect the town from storms and separates Monmouth and Cobb Gate beaches.An official World Heritage Site, the Jurassic Coast is a “must see” for anyone interested in geology, history or stunning coastal scenery, some of the most scenic spots in its 95 mile long stretch can be found around the Lyme Regis area.The vibe's always positive with Gerry and although the place has evolved dramatically, the people, waves and culture, that resonated with him in the first place, are all still there.To celebrate the exclusive release, director Nathan Myers reveals what it was like to work with Gerry and the life lessons he's learned from spending time with Mr Pipeline himself. NM: My friends at Uluwatu Surf Villas booked Gerry for a yoga retreat and asked if I could do some filming without interrupting the retreat too much. Always sharing a story, or helping someone stretch, or smiling in the surf.For the editing process, I knew I needed a lot of instrumental music, to accompany the people talking, so I brought a two piece band called A Conscious Coup into the studio with rough cuts of the film. Apart from Gerry and yourself, who were the key individuals involved / guest appearances?