So whenever she has some free time during the filming, she would just chewed on any snacks.

Therefore the first sentence that the crew would said to her when they saw her was ‘Don’t eat anymore’.

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Sleuthing Netizens Tracked Down The Woman Myolie Wu’s Husband Was Allegedly Having An Affair With When asked if he wanted to have babies early, he said no. But now I want to be a good husband.” His sweetness didn’t stop there.

He said even if he had kids, he would probably say “I love you” to his wife first before his kids.

As for Goo Hye Sun, she can eat alot, drink alot and chew alot.

It has been a non-stop trip for both of them in Taiwan.

On the 3rd day, there are 500 more fans (comparing to the first day they arrived) blasting off to the airport to send off their idols.

Fans put out their little hands just to have a touch of their idol, Lee Min Ho. There are also fans being pushed down and fall in front of him which makes him so surprised.On the first night when they would having their dinner together with the local TV station, CTV, they discover that Goo Hyu Sun is a super good drinker. Lee Min Ho mentioned that what frightened him is the fact that Goo Hye Sun drank the wine more than she eat her rice. She laughed and replied in Chinese: “Wine is my friend!” She said usually she would went singing in KTV with her friends.During these 3 days in Taiwan, there are fans who book cabs chasing behind them or suddenly over take their nanny star’s car.There are also about 10 cars driving parallel with their nanny star’s car, once the traffic light turn red, the fans will give a hard hit on the car windows.But I got the feeling that the guy was protecting himself.