The only way you can find out whether this can be true for you is to try again—but if the thought fills you with dread and despair, you pretty much have your answer as to whether you can continue this relationship.If you do give your intimacy another go, despite your love of "the old-fashioned way," this would be a good time to expand your repertoire.

Her mother posted a request on Facebook asking for donations of hair to make a wig for her.

Then another friend sent me a private message to tell me that the mother wanted me to donate my hair to her daughter.

However, if each encounter leaves you feeling a void, then your frustration will ultimately kill the good parts of your relationship.

If you let him go, you will be telling him the truth if you say he's one of the finest men you've ever known, but you two just don't have any chemistry in bed.

And if that happens, I have a somewhat hopeful note for your man.

I, too, Googled , and I had a shock of recognition when I saw the first image.I am totally confused as to why my friend would invite this girl to celebrate with us.I felt as though I couldn't leave because of my duty as a bridesmaid.Otherwise, since the request for your locks came to you secondhand, just act as if you'd never heard it.Dear Prudence, My husband and I got married about a month ago.Dear Prudence, The daughter of an acquaintance of mine recently was treated for cancer.