He also followed and harassed her on the way to and from school, Laura later told the police.Laura told Mark to leave her alone, to get away from her, that it was over; still he persisted.

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Fear and shame discourage victims from seeking help, and when they do, adults often minimize the potential for harm," according to a Fact Sheet from California Assemblyman Ricardo Lara's office, a legislative leader on this issue.

In 2012 Lara sponsored a bill to promote dating-abuse prevention programs and policies in schools, citing a "serious gap" in the Education Code; the proposed legislation, which is still pending, was in response to a teenage girl killed on school grounds in Lara's district, as well as other publicized dating-related violent attacks.

Instead of being able to rely on the district as their ally, the family said they found themselves fighting an uphill battle in an effort to keep their daughter safe.

They increasingly turned to the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office and Probation Department for help; by early November, those offices were able to facilitate an agreement with Mark's family that he transfer to another school.

For a girl who is more shy though and doesn't like getting flooded by a bunch of guys who wouldn't look at her twice if there were 20 other women in the room, this can be overwhelming and unpleasant. ) guys hit on me that seriously feel real chemistry, than 20 who are just excited to be talking to a girl.

• Title IX issues raised in latest federal civil-rights case • Dating violence: What it is, and what schools and parents can do • Women tell of high school partners who harassed, assaulted them Laura had her hands full last fall.The adults now were the ones with their hands full.The steps that followed, especially between Laura's parents and school officials, illustrate the difficult issues faced when dating relationships turn violent.According to Austin and other experts, the biggest threat of violence is after a break-up, a time of great volatility. Each year, about one in 10 teenagers suffers from physical violence at the hands of a boyfriend or girlfriend, according to the national Centers for Disease Control.However, often it is not recognized as a serious, widespread problem -- threatening the mental, physical and educational health of many teens -- as most incidents go unreported, unnoticed or minimized, according to experts in the field.But while the situation eventually resolved for Laura, Laura's mother, a long-time PTA volunteer, today expresses her lack of confidence in the Palo Alto school district's ability -- or willingness -- to be proactive in protecting a victim from further danger.