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Richard Andrews, left, and Gregg Limley were among the 80 daters at the W. “(We) try to reconnect them with the library while they’re here, and hopefully they make a love connection too,” said Emily Getzschman, the library’s marketing manager.

She’d been back home in Omaha for less than a year following more than a decade teaching first- and second-graders in India and Oman.“I was having tons of adventures, but I realized there was something missing,” she said.

So she came back to the Midwest to look for love, and her sister eventually persuaded her to give the library’s speed dating a try.

About nine months after they met, Kenny proposed to Trisha in front of the W. The proposal lasted three minutes, in honor of their first “date.”“If the wedding would’ve been three minutes, that would’ve been great too,” Kenny said.

The library is still a large part of their lives, and Kenny said he is excited to soon share books with their daughter.

Getzschman said she knew of three couples who met at past events and are now married. Speed dating match Kenny Champoux, 45, and Trisha Champoux, 42, are expecting a baby girl in April.

When Trisha entered the speed dating event in February 2015 she had no expectations of meeting her future husband.

The event’s organizers try to email contact information for pairs that express interest in each other within a week.

Then the couples can decide whether they want to schedule another date.

When they were matched later, Kenny sent Trisha the “nicest email” to plan their next date.