The painted backsplash held up perfectly as well, but we did replace it after about 18 months.

We finally replaced it because even painted we could still see the tiles and it just wasn't the look for us, but I am so glad we painted it temporarily. You can read all about our new laminate backsplash here.

You can check out some more posts about our kitchen makeover progress before you head out, like how we painted the kitchen floor, how we moved some cabinets around and how we created a high impact herringbone plank wall.

You all know we have been busy working on our kitchen makeover. Our tile backsplash was the kitchen element that I was most concerned about when we decided to tackle the kitchen makeover. But you will recall that we are on a tight budget for this project.

Well, I am here to show you a bit more of the progress we have made! That eliminated the possibility of ripping it out and replacing it with something else.

We painted our kitchen cabinets using these same products and have not had any chipping or peeling as of January 21, 2016 !

You can learn all about how we painted our kitchen cabinets without priming OR sanding here.

The best way to update ceramic tile in the bathroom without removing it is to paint it.

A coat of paint over the old tile can bring your bathroom into the modern age.

Well, he used to…but this year he has had to go to the emergency room because once just isn’t enough.

Now he always wears safety glasses, because he’s cheap and a pair of safety glasses is much more budget friendly than an emergency room visit. Here is the official before picture, after a few hours of work.

I need to replace the sink, but want to cover the nasty little tiles as well without having to rip the whole counter out. By Kathy from Chicago, ILYou can, but just realize that the more coats you have, the more it changes the color. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of Thrifty Fun's Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.