I've never quite gotten the appeal of the sexual position 69.I usually chalk it up to having sexual ADD, but the real story is much more gnarly.

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The reality is, X Factor is losing momentum as well as it's impact on the charts, so it'll be interesting to see if Simon can turn it around.

Give it a break, a long, well deserved break and if you really REALLY must Simon Cowell, bring it back in a few years' time when we've had time to perhaps miss it.

The very likeable Jasmin Leigh Harris got the show off to a great start.

She did an amazing job of 'Clown' and blew the judges and me away.

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I can say with certainty that a 16 year old brain (especially when in love) is not fully formed.

Although I have an amaze-balls memory, I am not immune to my advancing age turning my brain into swiss cheese.

Yes, I wish I would get rid of his pants, just did not know how to react to this girl.