She successfully launched the first-ever national 3D HD VOD campaign as well as some of the largest pre-theatrical and pre-DVD VOD releases.Kate also developed lucrative, creative merchandising and marketing plans with i Tunes, Xbox, Play Station, Comcast, Time Warner, DIRECTV, and many others.

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Kate is an empowerment career and life coach under her coaching brand, Conscious Rockstar(TM), with the Style Network as one of her previous clients.

Neligan is a published author with an essay on trailblazing in the book “Women Will Save the World”.

She’s presently the CEO of Cyber-Dating Expert, an online dating coaching and advice site and founder of Social Media and More, a social media strategy and branding company.

Julie’s a top Online Dating Expert, media personality, and bestselling author.

Kate Neligan, Founder, Synergytv; On 11-11-11, Kate Neligan officially launched Synergy TV, an online channel for stories that that entertain, enlighten, and inspire.

Mindful Media Entertainment LLC, the parent company, is a conscious media studio with the intention to be the leading source of mindful movies and transformational television that uplift humanity.Kate has been blessed to be on the cutting edge of entertainment in entrepreneurial roles surrounding visionary technology and content launches.Kate Neligan is both a graduate of Lafayette College in Pennsylvania and the University of Santa Monica where she earned her Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology.Neligan is also a mentor to filmmakers and production companies as part of the first film accelerator company, Dogfish.Julie Spira, CEO, Cyber-Dating Expert and Social Media and More Julie Spira was an early adopter of the Internet and began her digital career three decades ago.She is most proud of the six charity promotions she conceptualized and executed, including an “Inner PRECIOUSness” cable tour for the film PRECIOUS with Dress for Success and WICT.