I have to then delete the files from the repository, and commit the files as new.After this, everything works fine and the original person has no problems with their files.

aspx designer cs not updating-41aspx designer cs not updating-70

I've had to delete the affected directory and get latest on the parent directory to re-create the directory and it's contents.

gbjbaanb, this is definitely not a case of ignored files or switched branches.

In fact, I already have a ready-to-use Project with several controls from previous projects. Actually I don't drag and drop the control itself.

I don't really like the idea of recreating these controls inside a new project. I just drag and drop the 'reference' to this control. If you drag and drop any user control to the ascx markup Visual studio automatically registers this control and adds it to the markup.

The repository is accessed via the svn:// protocol, to a server running version 1.4.6.

It is hosted on a Windows Server 2003 machine running as a Windows service.I find that the designer files are not generated properly if my site URL is faulty (VS can't connect to it) or if I lack the permissions to deploy and activate a solution from within Visual Studio. If the link breaks your answer will not be of much help to future readers.We have occasionally had a problem with Tortoise SVN (I assume it's Tortoise and not our SVN repository), where a file will be checked in to the repository (doing a repo-browser you can see the files there), and will exist for the person who committed them, but when another person does an update, those files will not be added to the working copy.I could see that user's objects in the repository but everytime I did an update I would never get that user's objects.The fix that worked is to use Tortoise SVN Revert on the folder.(you can see this in the folder's properties - there's a subversion tab) If you do 'svn status' in your WC you should see the list of changed files in the server's directory.