As Oliver and Elliot continues on with their conversation about the Clock Tower, Jack went in.He appreciated everything she's done, and wanted her to live a happy life on the surface. Bad Ending with Lance: You rejected Lance's kind words, and he told you to rest for tomorrow.

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Oliver says goodbye to Alice and a short animation appears.

Alice woke up snoozing in front of Noah who got her a music box as a birthday gift. They read "Alice in Wonderland" to their daughter Mary.

Elliot suddenly appeared, said they must return to the surface's time before she goes.

He revealed that the Clock Tower is important to both world's time, and if it collapse, the both world would also be destroyed.

The game has been played 45.48k times with an average user rating of 4.7/5 from 327 total votes.

It currently belongs in the fun games category where you'll find many more similar titles. hehehe #hacked #notimportant lol Best Ending with Noah: After waking up snoozing in front of Noah, he asked you if you could picture a future of you two. Mary asked if it was a fantasy story, and Noah said it might be true. Bad Ending with Noah: Noah asked you if you can picture a future with him and you said no. Best Ending with Elliot: You two danced as Elliot proposed to you. One year later, you get married to Elliot and became the Queen of Wonderland. Clark then promises Anne to take her onto the surface next month.He told you your friendship wouldn't be ending anytime soon, and promised you a cake for your next birthday. Bad Ending with Elliot: You refused to stay with Elliot. As the conversation between him and Oliver goes on, he says goodbye to you afterwards. Best Ending with Clark: You chose to dance with him. Anne smiled happily and said he's married an angel.She was talking to Noah then he went to take a gift for her birthday.Suddenly, a boy with white bunny ears and a black old-fashioned suit ran by, jumped down a hole.Alice eventually followed him, and she fell into the hole.