Every time you catch yourself playing a negative movie, stop. Every time we went out, she'd have suitors lined up. If any of these guys ever spoke with me, it was because they wanted an in with my friend.

Now however, when I'm with a girlfriend that has this kind of energy (we all have one in our group of friends! I see the kinds of men attracted to her, and I find a place of joy and happiness.

I realize that, if these men don't see me as a 'catch', as someone worthy of chasing, as the one woman in the room they can't stop thinking about -- well, I know they're a better fit for someone else.

Age does not matter so you could be 13 or 30 and all of these rules will apply!

By Bonny Albo Susan asks, "Every guy that I'm into, I have to chase.

When you understand this concept with as much faith as you believe the chair you're sitting in is real, you'll quickly start to meet men that don't even notice your friend. Related: Low Self Esteem and How It Affects Dating Relationships Have Faith For me, this was the trickiest of the steps, yet once I mastered it, it changed everything in my life.

When you have faith, in know in the core of who you are that something is true.

It takes all of the things I've shared in this article and puts them into active practice.

It forces you to see where you're still doubting or holding what you want away from yourself, and instead choosing to know it's on it's way to you."But Bonny," said a girlfriend of mine recently when I shared all of this with her.

I often find it easier for my readers and clients to do this for a day with a trusted friend who will gently help you (and you them in turn) to change the focus.

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There's zero question, say, that the sun will shine again tomorrow.