Now I am not saying that you can’t have all those qualities in one person, it’s just that normally a man tends towards one of the other. Also our lists sometimes have things on that are so trivial, such as ‘tattoos’ or ‘muscles’. There is nothing wrong in having physical preferences but are you really going to choose your life partner on whether he has ink on his body? And of course you offer to pay for your half of the date, or perhaps you even get the whole bill – you are a modern woman after all. He is laughing along with you, and there is a connection, you can feel it. He goes cold and disappears after a couple of dates. Well most men prefer to take on the masculine role in dating, and if you are doing all or any of the above you are actually pushing him out of this role, meaning you are preventing him from becoming emotionally invested in you.

10 online dating mistakes women make-16

Relax and practice being present and enjoying the experience instead.5.

Be An Ice Maiden Being an ice maiden is the flip side to trying too hard.

If you go with an agenda about finding out if this is your man it puts a ton of pressure on the whole situation, and that means that neither you nor your date will be able to relax and enjoy the experience.

You won’t be able to be your best self and neither will he.

So drop the agenda and make a new one – to have new, fun and light-hearted experiences with new people.2.

Rule Men Out Too Quickly As with the first biggest mistake, mistake 2 is another way that women shoot themselves in the foot when dating.The list is often very long and usually it has things on there that actually clash with themselves!For example she might have ‘calm and laid back’ right next to ‘passionate and energetic’. You suggest where to go next, you dazzle him with tales of adventures you have had, showing him your sparkling wit and you have him in stitches over your humour.For women attraction can grow over time with a good man.So give that awkward or quiet man another chance, in fact give him several short dates and see if he doesn’t come out of his shell for you and turn into an attractive man, perhaps even ‘your man’.Come on people – IT’S JUST A DATE – not a wedding interview, so let’s relax a little bit and treat it as such.