Iran and Armenia have been in close contact for thousands of years.Since Antiquity there has always been much interaction between Ancient Armenia and Persia (Iran).

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The Armenian people are amongst the native ethnic groups of northwestern Iran (known as Iranian Azerbaijan), having millennia long recorded history there while the region (or parts of it) have had made up part of historical Armenia numerous times in history.

These historical Armenian regions that nowadays include Iranian Azerbaijan are Nor Shirakan, Vaspurakan, and Paytakaran.

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Despite religious and ideological differences, relations between Armenia and the Islamic Republic of Iran remain cordial and both Armenia and Iran are strategic partners in the region.

The two neighbouring countries share to a great extent similar history and culture, and have had relations for thousands of years, starting with the Median Empire.

Besides, Armenia has an energy surplus and its only major export market at present is Iran...

So there is also a lot of economic interest involved." Due to the long shared intertwined history, and with the Armenians having a native presence in what is nowadays northwestern Iran for millennia, many of the oldest Armenian churches and monasteries are located within Iran, such as the Saint Stepanos Monastery and St. Armenia and Iran also share extensive touristic and trade ties.

On the Behistun inscription of 515 BC, Darius the Great indirectly confirmed that Urartu and Armenia are synonymous when describing his conquests.