Milwaukee radio host Mark Belling was the first to break the news, and Madison radio host Vicki Mc Kenna and the did not report that Legiste, a graduate of both the University of Miami and Louisiana State University, wrote a blog post in 2013 while working in student affairs as a graduate student saying that he was comfortable with dating students while working for the school.Legiste was quick to say he had never done such a thing, but he defended the practice and related an anonymous story of a peer in the administration who dated a student.“So I said ALL that to say, I’m ok with my peers dating undergraduates.

It’s only natural that we’ll be attracted to at least some of them.

And sometimes they will be attracted to us too.”The post has since been deleted, but it is available via the cached version of the blog.

A blogger upset at Legiste’s actions at UWL included a screenshot of the post in a video accompanying audio of Mark Belling’s initial report of the news.

UWL Chancellor Joe Gow condemned Legiste’s actions on Monday, but said the school would not punish him for what was a professional mistake.

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