The show features a British-Jamaican b-boy that goes by the name of Ali G, A reporter from Kazakhstan whom just happens to be an over erratic nymphomaniac and a hard-hitting gay fashonista named Bruno(All portrayed by Sascha Baron Cohen).

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In 1996, he began presenting the youth chat programme F2F for Granada Talk TV and also had a small role in an advert for Mc Cain Microchips playing the role of a chef in a commercial entitled "Ping Pong".

In the late 1990s, Baron Cohen made his first feature film appearance in the British comedy The Jolly Boys' Last Stand.

In 2000, Baron Cohen played the part of Super Greg for a series of TV advertisements for Lee Jeans; the advertisements never aired but the website for Super Greg created an internet sensation.

Baron Cohen appeared during two-minute sketches as his fashion reporter BrĂ¼no on the Paramount Comedy Channel during 1998.

This is coming from a big Curb your enthusiasm fan.

I have a lot of respect for the big comedy series out right now such as the Simpsons, the family guy and arrested development, but i do not laugh harder than i do when i watch Ali G.After the release of Borat, Baron Cohen stated that because the public had become too familiar with the characters, he would retire Borat and Ali G.By the early 1990s, he was hosting a weekly programme on Windsor cable television's local broadcasts with Carol Kirkwood, who later became a BBC weather forecaster.If you saw the movie Ali G Indahouse and you weren't exactly thrilled with what it had to offer and found Ali G repulsive, don't let that keep you from watching this show.There are three completely unique and utterly hilarious characters on this show.In 1995, Channel 4 was planning a replacement for its series The Word, and disseminated an open call for new television presenters.