Zoho should choose a behavior and use that same behavior for all types of fields.

inconsistent behavior in dating-80inconsistent behavior in dating-49inconsistent behavior in dating-85

A NULL value will be stored only for the fields that have this property enabled.

I am running code to return date-based calculations.

DATE, 1); or possibly the Calendar.after method ...?

If you have a variable name like my.data, then - when you double-click on it in the editor window, it gets highlighted completely - when you double-click on it in the console window, only my or data gets highlighted.

It helps in troubleshooting (and is nicer to read) and keeps indentation proper for you.

There are a few dependencies in your classes you posted that we don't have.

Hi, We have decided to provide an option for developer to choose between storing null or blank string when single/multi-line fields are left blank in the form.

This option will be given in field properties dialog as a checkbox - store NULL for empty values.

Historically PHP implementation accessed special $this variable using two different methods.

In some cases this might lead to significant inconsistency, when $this accessed through different methods might have different values.

Do you have a compileable project showing this behavior, or have you been running into this problem as you work on the project?