It is like going from, flirting all the time, joking around, cuddling and just being intense with each other...over to a woman who seems devoid of all emotion, very matter of fact, afraid to even crack a smile cause it might make her seem less serious.So far I think I have done things right, I haven't shown any real affection, I've let her know that her intelligence is impressive and I enjoy our conversations and the time we spend together.She asked me to see a doctor because I coughed during a date.

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Cancer dating virgo video

So far all I have gotten are "awwwww"'s and you are such a sweet guy, got any tips..I just going to have to wait it out are you every passionate and affectionate?

a) hiya refreshing to read questions aimed at us Virgirls, I'm sure you'll get a PLETHORA of answers (and some questions asked of you , as some of us are dating Cancer men ourselves) b) I'm really sorry about your painful experience with the Scorpio c) "So far I think I have done things right, I haven't shown any real affection" - that is not "right".

As far as dominant goes, that is why I am letting her in on the planning of things.

I told her that I like things to be 50/50 with each person being unique with their own great ideas and I want her ideas to be apart of things.

We are both very reserved, I'm afraid to give myself up at all and it's gonna take some time and she is too.

The problem is I am coming from being hurt by a Scorpio.When you gauge these, you can get an insight as to how she's feeling and such.Some virgos are better about showing there affections that actions that aren't related to touch and words.No I have let her know that I think her intelligence is very sexy and refreshing and that a lot of the qualities that she has are extremely hard to find and something that needs to be cherished.But she is reserved about even holding hands, I brought it up and she said "we will see about it" she as far as physical affection I haven't had a chance to show her any cause I guess she isn't comfy with it yet.Funny you should mention geisha she is actually Asian, traditional too might explain also why she is so reserved and quiet it's in their culture.