"As many know I lost Sophia's dad 7 years ago and I went through a serious time of depression, stress, anxiety, grieving," she wrote.

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player is Catelynn and Tyler’s daughter Carly, whom they placed for adoption at birth in 2009.

Their annual visits with their daughter were featured heavily on the show’s first few seasons but now Carly’s adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa, want to keep her life more private and off TV.

Though her appearances on the show have been few and far between since Jenelle started dating and cohabitating with her fiancé David Eason, Tori and Jenelle are still friendly — that is when the reality star can trust her friend won’t rat her out again to the tabloids.

When Amber finally got over Gary, she started to date again, eventually getting semi-serious with this guy, Christopher, whom she met at a Walmart in 2010.

“The whole task of it all was absolutely ridiculous and I felt a huge amount of guilt agreeing to live out these lies on national television.” He also provided us the text messages between him and Farrah during the week of Oct. By exposing the truth about his faux-relationship, Brian said he didn’t intend to hurt Farrah.

“I hope she understands that she has been exploited since she was a teenager, and that the best thing she can do is to be honest to herself, and the public.

— they were roomies at one point, and even attended beauty school together. The besties eventually grew apart, however, and the esthetician hasn’t been seen on the show since 2014.

We could do a whole separate story on what came of Jenelle’s many infamous exes like Gary, Courtland and Kieffer — spoiler alert: not much — but Tori was just as much a staple on TM2 as the guys were.

But once Kail and Jo broke up (and she started dating Jordan), they moved out and Janet was pretty much never heard from again.