I don’t really like the idea of my music showing up in a beer commercial—that would be weird. If someone hears your song on and buys your CD, that’s probably an audience you didn’t expect. We get excited, and then we’re here and then there, all over the world, and not looking after ourselves. That is still one of my favorite stories of all time. MOSSHART: After our California gigs we stayed in a Hilton near the airport in l.a.

BLASBERG: Still, you have entered a realm that’s not just about music. There have been times when I’ve felt ill, physically and emotionally. We’ve learned to space things, which is something Jamie and I have really had trouble with. BLASBERG: Or when your bus driver has stolen your tour bus with all your things on it and ditched you in Texas, which is what happened on this tour.

Etched in black ink on the heel of Alison Mosshart’s left hand is a tattoo: “14-2-02”—Valentine’s Day, 2002. MOSSHART: I don’t know if that kind of attention helps or hinders. Our bus driver was supposed to meet us in Texas a few days later. BLASBERG: I guess YSL is a little more classy than beer, but probably not as much money. Derek Blasberg is a Missouri-bred, New York–based fashion journalist and writer.

It’s a very important date for the 30-year-old singer, marking the first time she took the stage with Jamie Hince, her cohort in The Kills. Regarding Kate, you could look at the sales for The Babyshambles [Moss dated Pete Doherty, who is the band’s lead singer and guitarist] and say having Kate attached to your band—in the media, anyway—doesn’t necessarily help. It was a Sunday when he should have arrived, but he didn’t. He is one of V magazine’s senior editors and is a contributing editor at and several international editions of Vogue. With a smoke at lips, black on her nails, eye-covering bangs and a rock and roll style that cannot be shaken she has become such an inspiration to all and many.

Often they're the most desirable figures, the centre of attention both on and off stage and the member of the band with the pressure of connecting with a crowd, no matter the circumstance.

The best of these swaggering, animated, charismatic leading figures have their performance down to a fine art.

She takes a menthol drag and lets out a loud, phlegmy treble cough, a sound an acute Kills fan might recognize as an opening note of the tune “Cheap and Cheerful,” in which Mosshart begs: “I want you to be crazy ’cause you’re stupid, baby, when you’re sane.” To watch her perform it live, you’d think she was exorcizing some pretty hateful demons. They don’t care, they just read these magazines on the train. He left the motor running, and the generator died when the gas finally ran out. He’s not dead, because I keep hearing he’s stolen more buses. I also was told that he went on a three-day coke bender with a hooker—apparently that’s also his thing. If you weren’t playing music, what would you be doing? I’ve thought about this—I say write books, or draw pictures. BLASBERG: Just sell a bunch of jingles to a beer company.

Lately, she’s even gotten a second project started, coming together with musicians Jack White, Jack Lawrence, and Dean Fertita as the band the Dead Weather; they just recorded tracks, and their first album will be out later in the year. I met a lot of people on that circuit, sleeping on people’s floors. The bus was pitch-black and couldn’t be started—Lalo had to pack the bus up using a flashlight. BLASBERG: Stealing buses and doing coke with hookers? But there’s this side of me that truly loves and is obsessed with and addicted to performing. My parents are really proud of me and my brother, who’s a chef here in New York. I have responsibilities and ties to London that I’ll be dealing with probably forever.

T-shirts and really thin shirts are good because I get hot and sweaty when I’m jumping around.

For a rocker in London to discover her song is the anthem of an American teen drama? I think it would be more bizarre for my mom to hear it on TV. When you do music, your friends are writers, actors, painters. And Jamie dates Kate Moss, which is a whole other element. You seem to me like a person who would get off on lonely moments on the road. because we were flying to our next tour stop in Austin, Texas. MOSSHART: If there were cigarette commercials, I would have done a few by now.

We can’t work on a bus when there are loads of people around.

Front people are the ultimate torchbearers of rock'n'roll fantasy.

It was a huge amount of pressure and I loved it, because it was really hard." There's a certain physicality and intense energy to The Dead Weather's performances which means that Mosshart gives everything she has inside of her when she's playing with that band.