You’re still thinking about your ex/the last guy you dated.

If you miss someone, then it makes sense that no new guy can measure up, at least not for now.

Trying a new recipe for dinner or hanging out with a good book, you can keep yourself busy and happy. If you wake up the morning of with a desperate urge to cancel, that’s a sure sign that you’re just not all that into the prospect of dating right now. You still believe in romance but don’t want to find love on a dating app.

While all your friends have got Tinder dates lined up this weekend, you’re exhausted just thinking about scrolling through the endless guys.

– Roll with the Changes: Your social life is bound to shift depending on where you are in your life.

These transitions will have an impact on the types and number of women you attract. The difference between men who are successful daters compared to those who fail at it as time goes by is that the former are able to adapt their attitudes and expectations at each new stage of life instead of fixating on their earlier successes.

– Reinforce Your Screen-Testing Skills: If you’ve been played and/or had your emotions toyed with one too many times, you may need to do some recon as to how you potential candidates.

Where some guys are lax, indiscriminate and vague in the types of women with whom they choose to go out, others can be far too rigid, superficial and unrealistic.

That spark just hasn’t been there with anyone you’ve gone out with recently and you’re just so over going on boring dates. Nothing is worse than sitting at a restaurant on a Saturday night staring into your glass of red wine, wishing you were at home but unable to come up with a polite excuse for bailing.

Dating can be frustrating, and you just want to enjoy your life.

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