she fall in love with me in her she want's too have me in panties 24/7. The right line, the right fabric, and a guy feels a million dollars.she has even wanted too see me in tights and leotards. As I have grown in myself I have come to appreciate those who loose the idea that panties are just for women. In the end it doesn't matter whether you're female, male, gay, straight, bi...

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on a man wearing panties is so hot .bigger the better..especially thigt panties when it all shows **** pushing against nylon.balls packed cozy inside,,then maybe a peek of **** ahhhhhhh way to *** I love seeing men wearing sexy panties.

I really love seeing the bulges of their ***** inside the thin material.

Women have a huge choice of sexy undies so why shouldn't men! I love seeing what cute, sexy panties that guys choose to wear...

Its been a long time since I wore mens boring briefs and boxers.

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I don't know why it turns me on, but to see a man's **** straining inside a pair of panties is so arousing. I have lingerie on most days and certainly nice lacy silk knickers and to be honest having nice lacy panties and bra on is absolutely sincelating very exciting makes one very horny and letting partner/wife run hands down silky panties just can not be beaten by any one... I got accustomed to seeing all types of guys nude and would slick 'em up with oil...

I am one of those women who believe that the female should always be the dominant one in a relationship. My job takes me to many different cities and large towns and love shopping for lingerie when there. I don't really get a charge out of seeing women in panties..

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