That is probably why they give large donations to charities. They make this world more civilised and worthwhile.

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Number 7 persons are not prone to give orders as a rule, but once they do they want to be implemented meticulously.

Their orders are made after due and rational thought, and they are normally obeyed. They also have the capacity to create a lasting impression of the people they meet.

They generate goodness out of these opportunities which would baffle most people. It ensures progression and prevents them from inert laziness. It is hardly surprising that impetus to life is provided mostly by number 7 people.

Number 7 persons are courted by children, youth and old age as one of their own.

This is sometimes forgotten by number 7 persons, which results in their hard labour going in vain.

They are either creative or hard-working but never both at the same time.

Number 7 persons are most suited to carry on with business.

The business most suited to them is of electricity and iron.

Number 7 people have very peculiar ideas about religion. Some of the greatest prophets and spiritualists are number 7 people. There is so much of positive energy and vibrations in number 7 persons that they create magnificence without striving to do so.

They normally appear mysterious and absent-minded to average people. There is nothing which is beyond their desire to improve on something that needs reform.

The only worthwhile philosophy of life out to be of Karma (of functional creativity).