I really believe the combination of these three resources will not only help you to overcome the battle for purity now at the engagement stage of your relationship, but ultimately open the path for you to have God-glorifying romance in your marriage.

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And as you mentioned in your email, chastity does not end with marriage – this resource will help to guide you through chaste love in marriage as well. It is a novel: the fictional account of a young couple striving to live out chastity in a courtship relationship.

As such, it has been a very powerful source of inspiration for both men and women, young and old.

We have a little over half a year to our marriage (not like chastity ends there though, which is great). Caitlin Dear Caitlin, Thank you so much for your question (and for giving me some extra background information to you personal situation).

I know there isn't a solution to make all of this a "piece of cake." There is something beautiful in the struggle that we both realize which is so wonderful. But in this time I just would love some advice about how to be a better more supportive fiancé and advice for him as well. The struggle of staying chaste through a courtship, dating relationship or during the time of engagement is one that many couples face.

Once you’ve heard and understood this message, it is hard to go against the dignity of who you are by transgressing the gift of your chastity, whatever your state in life may an absolutely invaluable resource!

Every couple preparing for marriage should read it!

Josh’s books help to keep a practical perspective on things.

is the work of Pope John Paul II – a fresh and wonderful understanding of the gift of human sexuality, the meaning of marriage and the dignity we share as children of God, created in His image and likeness – male and female.

Often couples struggle with chastity before marriage because they are focussed on the pleasure that sex will hold for them once they are married and so they have a hard time waiting for it.