The app was developed by mobile security firm Lookout, which partnered up with T-Mobile to launch the "exclusive service." "T-Mobile wants our customers to enjoy the full benefits of the smartphone or tablet experience, including worry-free access to applications, which is why we are taking extra measures to protect their devices, privacy and data," Ian Mc Kerlich, T-Mobile USA's vice president of product management, said in a… More About: Google Android, T-Mobile, malware, viruses Monday night's showdown in Boca Raton, Fla. President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, which focused on foreign policy, generated 6.5 million tweets -- less than New York's 7.2 million tweets and Denver's 10.3 million.was the least-tweeted presidential debate of this election. The vice-presidential debate between incumbent Joe Biden and Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan clocked in at 3.5 million the youngest child of the Grand Imperial Majesty Adonis and the prince of the Gamma.

Tandem suggests two-on-two get-togethers instead of one-on-one dates to find love.

Tandem's members designate a wing man or woman before asking another user -- and his/her plus one -- on a date.

Now, high-speed parallel batch uploading and downloadi… More About: Kim Dotcom, Mega, megaupload, trending The time to trick-or-treat has come once again, and Google has treated us with an interactive Halloween doodle. Previous Halloween doodles included simple ones, such as Google's pumpkin-adorned logo, as well as a huge, multi-part, Scooby Doo-themed doodle. Google has also launched a special Sandy crisis map for New York City, displaying such info as evacuation zones, evacuation centers and Red Cross emergency shelters. More About: Google, Hurricane Sandy, crisis map, trending While Windows 8 rolled out to great fanfare Thursday, it still has to fight fellow Microsoft operating system Windows XP for users.

Sandy is a massive category 1 hurricane, expected to bring life-threatening storm surge to the mid-Atlantic coast, Monday evening and early Tuesday. The 11-year-old program has nearly 30% "usage share" worldwide, reports web analytics firm Stat Counter.

The difference between a contest, competition or sweepstakes is how the winners are selected.

A contest requires a correct answer, and you can decide whether or not the prize is limited to the first winner, the first ten winners or an unlimited number.

Although Microsoft stopped selling it in 2010, XP remains one of the most popular OSes today. seem to have uncovered a compelling reason to rediscover the childhood dream of a weekend video game marathon, except this is no ordinary marathon -- it's a Mariothon.

As of September, XP holds 27.64% usage share worldwide -- second only to Windows 7 at 52.2%, according to Stat Counter. S., XP has 16.42%, while Windows 7 sits at 49.36% (the latter debuted in 2009). The gamers will be playing 13 different Mario games over 72 consecutive hours to benefit the Starlight Children’s Foundation, a charity that raises money for terminally ill children. The RHA SA 950i headphones set themselves apart from the crowd with a triple punch: They're relatively cheap at .95, they're feather-light, and they sound great.

More About: gangnam style, minecraft, parody, psy Airtime, Sean Parker's social video network, is suffering from a stagnant user base.

Despite million in funding and celebrity endorsements from the likes of Jimmy Fallon and Julia Louis Dreyfus, Airtime has struggled to gain traction since its launch four months ago.

Strike rich on diamonds, iron, gold and build our decked-out fortress." SEE ALSO: Play Minecraft in Real Life [VIDEO] So far, the video has attracted more than 83,000 views.