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You may need to do a small amount of mapping to help the Experience So Cal data ingestion system understand where your data belongs in our system, but we believe that this work will be relatively straightforward and will respect your local and institutional definitions of culture. We partner with Artsopolis as our cultural calendar provider.

What is the difference between Project Audience and Artsopolis? Artsopolis is also one of our partners and we’ve worked with them to make sure that event information in Artsopolis is interoperable with event information in the Experience So Cal platform.

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How you use the Project Audience toolset is entirely up to you.

And your suggestions of how you would like to use it will help us grow the “services” we provide in the future. We have multiple calendar sites collecting and providing cultural content in our community.

Will the Project Audience technologies help us share content to reduce duplicate entries from cultural organizations? Yes, the Experience So Cal platform is built to serve as a master regional calendar, collecting and managing event information and cultural content from multiple sources and sorting duplicate entries from multiple sites as necessary.