Jacob Lynn Pavelka was born in Dallas, Texas to Sallie Lanell (née Mack) and James Lynn Pavelka. He attended the University of North Texas and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida for Aerospace engineering. He played high school football, and in 2001 he became a certified flight instructor.

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I’m Facebook friends with Tenley Molzahn, Jason Mesnick, Molly Mesnick, Jackie Gordon and Michelle Money. Pavelka: Keep your relationship out of the media as much as you can (unless she wants a career in Hollywood).

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Pavelka grew up in Denton, Texas and he started taking flying lessons when he was twelve.

Pavelka became an airline captain and flight instructor at 23. PHOTOS: Reality TV’s Hottest Stars Radar: Do you ever help any of your friends out with your business knowledge? There’s a place for that, but that’s not typically the leading guy or the girl. They probably think I have a thousand [girlfriends who I am] sleeping with, and as a matter of a fact, I’m not dating or sleeping with anybody. Pavelka: When I meet a girl, they have a preconceived notion of who I am — and most people from The Bachelor get labeled as players. The players are typically the 25 contestants that make up the show really unique and edgy.“Jake did the same thing to me,” Jake’s ex-girlfriend Tanya Douglas tells magazine.The couple dated from 2008 to 2009, and Tanya says she believes Vienna’s claims 100 percent. I almost can’t remember their names off the top of my head anymore. They think they know you, but I don’t take it too serious. Radar: What is different about your life since leaving The Bachelor?