He has family that is active in the church, singing in choir, etc.

We go to celebrate family gatherings with them on Easter and Christmas Eve.

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I tell them with all sincerity, I would rather see a child raised Christian than raised in a dishonest and unintelligible mish mash that dishonors both traditions.

I would also rather see them raised without any religion than the kind of confusion where a child thinks they can be both at the same time.

I'm in a solid relationship with my wonderful man since 1991. Intermarriage is a very common in Jewish life in the United States.

Since non-Jews in this nation surround Jews (we comprise about 2 percent of the populace declaring any religious affiliation), many of us fall in love and marry non-Jewish spouses.

He knows and respects that my Jewish faith is important to me and he understands that the ethics of Judaism is good for helping to build strong family values of our own. Our son is now studying to prepare for his Bar Mitzvah coming up early next year.

Our son has a solid identity as a Jewish person in a Jewish home.

He was raised Southern Baptist, but not in a particularly observant home.

His grandmother gave him much of his spiritual ethics and teaching and as he grew older he became an agnostic.

When it comes to religion; one is better than none and better than two.