He abandoned her and their child together, and betrayed his own heart.

This is what I've gleaned from chronicles the end and aftermath of her relationship with Barney, which lasted more than a decade.

If she had any fault, it was feeling too much, being too invested in their relationship, trying too hard.

She had also been inner of 2005 Q Inspiration Award.

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Think back to the truth bombs on Marvin Gaye's acidic (from "Time To Get It Together": "I've been racing against time / Trying my best to find my way / Change our world in just one day / Blowin' coke all up my nose / Gettin' in and out my clothes / Foolin' 'round with midnight hoes / But that chapter of life's closed").

Even someone as self-righteous as Kanye West saw fit to admit, "I know I did some things but that's the old me" (from .

10 Classic Björk Tracks, Revisited Then Björk goes for the jugular: "You have nothing to give / your heart is hollow." And to make sure it's clear that "Black Lake" isn't Björk on the Blu Cantrell Plan of scorning her man and moving on, she clarifies that her former partner's hollow heart has completely ruined her.

"I'm drowned in sorrows / No hope in sight of ever recover / eternal pain and horrors," she sings, giving the song a heartbreaking climax and making the listener loathe her male subject even more. She declares that "When I'm broken I am whole" on the album-closing "Quicksand," and is strong enough to throw more shade on the final song's final stanza: "We are the siblings of the sun / Let's step into this beam / Every time you give up / You take away our future / And my continuity and my daughter's / And her daughters / And her daughters…" By breaking up their partnership, this guy is literally destroying generations of potential Björk offspring. In a new interview with Pitchfork, Björk says of "Black Lake," "I was really embarrassed about that song.

Björk's New Album Is Out Now The first three songs on take place before the actual breakup (the booklet that accompanies the album on i Tunes creates a rough timeline of the separation; opener "Stonemilker," for instance, is annotated as "9 months before").

"Black Lake" is Björk's 10-minute version of Big Sean's "I Don't Fuck With You," which is as compelling to hear as it is to consider.

When her voice returns, it is throwing haymakers."I did it for love, honored my feelings / you betrayed your own heart / corrupted that organ," she seethes as beats are scattered beneath her words.

"Family was always our sacred mutual mission / Which you abandoned." That backhanded "Which you abandoned" is just an unreal diss -- leveled over collapsing violins, no less!

When I think about the history of breakup albums, the ones that I admire achieve humanity through the admission of fault, the acknowledgement that just as it takes two people to build a relationship, it takes two people to dismantle one.