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Don't call up your cellular carrier and ask for help jailbreaking or rooting your phone — the carriers and the phone makers hate the entire idea.

That's because it takes control away from them and gives it to the phone's owner.

One example is Wi-Fi hotspot capability, for which carriers charge up to $30 per month when you can do the same thing on a rooted phone with no extra fees using a free or low, one-time-cost app.

Some carriers also don't want you running apps like Skype to make phone calls instead of using expensive cellular voice minutes.

Deb Shinder outlines the benefits and more of the drawbacks of jailbreaking and rooting.

————————————————————————————————————————————————- The primary purpose of jailbreaking in the context of smartphones is to allow the phone to install and run third-party applications that haven't been approved by Apple.These babes are a sure thing – phone sex any way you want it. So check out local ladies in Live Chat or have 1-on-1 phonesex with the phone ladies you choose. If jailbreaking/rooting might compromise the phone's security and void the warranty, why are some smartphone owners doing it?Phone manufacturers don't want you to do it because of the small number of cases in which it can make the phone unstable or open it up to security breaches.It then makes them look bad because it's their phone that's crashing or introducing malware to your network.Rooting is a term used in reference to the Android operating system to describe a similar process.