Btw *ukcb admin/owner* I notice that Thomas Dolan aka Lets Rock aka Tommy was quick to copy and paste your post on isitdownrightnow???Not surprised tbh as he doesn't want ukcb to come back, but until Poppy tells me that ukcb has closed for good I don't believe your post whatsoever!

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Online safety is one of our priorities and we have a team of hosts to help keep our community friendly and welcoming!

Here you will be able to connect publicly with other members of in our global chat service.

On chatbazaar not only you can do text chat but can also use our video and voice chat, you don't need to be registered member to use the chat room but to reserve a username you must register yourself.

The learning curve from uk chatterbox interface to chatbazaar interface is really easy and would not take you much time.

Online chatrooms include England chat, Scotland chat, Ireland chat and Wales chat.

This British community chat site offers instant quick chat and forums for people from the United K I heard some nut job with no mates in the real world and a personality disorder to boot,hacked into the site out of jealousy and mental problems.Due to the rising cost of bandwidth and server costs it is also no longer practical to continue to provide a free service, and as a result small charges will apply if the chat service is restored. if i say i will not become addicted to chat again and use it in moderation ya think they will believe me and bring it back online??There are, as previously mentioned, other reasons that the service has been suspended, and as soon as I am in a position to reveal this information; I will let you all know. ; PThe best Chat on the circuit and disapears into the freakin twilight zone! I want my chatterbox back excacly as yu found it, dont tweak it dont polish it and certainly dont give me me a bran new easier format! I have been offline since Sept and I am back to a "broke down " chatterbox??Wondering if she was institutionalised like haha :)It has to be said there was a few fruit loops on there.... In its hay day UKCB was an institution, I I'd have chose it's name I'd have called it the probation service... o those arguments and those ladies :)There are many of us who will never forget UKCB, regardless of the derogatory comments made here UKCB provided an outlet for many but most of all people who were disabled and main carers. Hi Josie, We're really not qileifuad to answer that question. It would be nice if the owner could give a more detailed explanation on why it closed down. P Chatterbox but not forgotten and it still lives in another name - enjoy all and see all my old chat bugs in cafe.Something some people should take into consideration before gloating about UKCB's demise. While the shake mix is relatively low-sugar and should impact blood sugar minimally when combined with fat-free milk (or 40 calorie almond milk), the best thing for you to do is to ask your doctor first before trying it, just to be everyone,i for one had a great time on ukcb,yes there was a lot of nasty people but the good people on the site out shone all the nasty ones .i do hope it does return as it made a lot of people happy ,and people made a lot of freinds through it . There was some right sad cases on there like (racist) Kelly she was a horrible lowlife and sonya87 was a nasty person. Lady Genie- poppy isnt the owner of the site she was just a moderator love.ukchatters - The new site everyone, set in the same way with a couple of little changes. Why didn't the *ukcb admin/owner* put his/her name by his post??We are free dating website, with most dating members from UK & US looking for speed dating.