Once you're registered with the site, browse profiles to find another user to chat with.Since a phone number is required to use Face Time, users first contact each other through the site; once both parties agree to take the new "relationship" to the next level, they can exchange numbers through Face Time.

Facetime dating site video

Invite them to the Activity - respect his or her decision to accept or decline the invitation.

(How to write an effective invitation) Note: au is not a sex-site.

Flirting with your new Face Time buddies is only a few keystrokes away.

Register for your free account at to begin your exciting venture of finding new Face Time friends.

A safer and less risky way of getting to know someone before you ask them on a date is to invite them to a Facetime group activity that you’ll both enjoy!

They are great fun, and – in the worst case- there’ll always be plenty of other like-minded participants to meet and talk to.

Of course, we can’t tell you how to date on Facetime.

But what we can offer you, in case you’re really keen and like to be a little pro-active, are a few pointers on how to use Facetime tools to impress your prospect date.

The Internet has plenty of sex-sites, but Facetime isn’t one of them.