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Both days will be filled with several inspiring speakers, working in Europe and beyond, who share the same passion as you do, European Cultural heritage, each and every one in a different way.

It provides the opportunity for Europeana and its partners for all to share, discuss and develop specific areas of mutual interest.

Here is your chance - we are holding an Ignite Talks session (a series of 3-minute presentations) that allow Europeana Network Association members to present to all AGM participants.

The theme of the Ignite Talks is open, so if there is something that really makes you tick and you would like to share it with us, go ahead, submit an Ignite Talk no later than 30 September.

Then they lace their victims’ drinks with drugs which make the men pass out. But, despite the CCTV cameras on the streets and the circling tourist squad, they cannot be in every bar, monitoring every conversation and every stag making a fool of himself.

The Europeana Network Association Annual General Meeting (AGM) is an annual key event for Europeana and its network.

We will highlight what the outcomes of 2016 and what project Europeana Network Association endeavours in five different tracks​.

Ignite Talks, break-out sessions and topics such as Aggregation landscape, Europeana Tech and R&D, Sustainability, Innovative projects will be presented and discussed.We haven’t seen them yet, and we don’t intend to.’ Although he concedes that they had to pay a very large sum at their hotel, X-Dream, to get a stripper to perform and do a ‘special dance’ for the groom-to-be, he adds frankly: ‘We didn’t mind.It’s just sort of thing you do on a stag party but it cost a lot.’ There have been countless occasions where such women have befriended men and encouraged them to buy them cocktails at £80 a shot.It operates round the clock and as its chief, Andrejs Aronovs, told me, the easy availability of cheap flights to countries in Eastern Europe such as Latvia means these former Communist cities have become very popular for pre-marriage booze trips.He said the police set up the special force, with multi-lingual officers, after drunk tourists were found causing breaches of the peace, vandalising property and urinating on the city’s Freedom Monument, which honours soldiers killed during the Latvian War of Independence early last century.We are happy to announce the introductory launch of the newly developed online Europeana 1914-1918 transcription tool.