But when we go to Sacramento, Calif., where he is from, we get a lot of comments from other Asian people, usually people who are older, who think he should have married in his own race.I sometimes even catch his mom saying things about it, but it hasn’t caused us to view our relationship any different.

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Take S, for example, whose romance with white friend-of-a-friend J started as many college hook-ups do: bonding over shared musical interests, hanging out in the park, fooling around after parties.

“In my mind, we were well on our way to a well rounded friendship,” she explains.

Here are some of your Facebook stories, some of which have been edited for length, clarity and style. Now, if he goes to use his own card at the same exact stores, they card him every single time! So sad to me, but so true and relevant on what we go through over stereotypes ... Still a ways to go I am white and Mexican though you cannot see the Mexican in me. We live in the Tampa-area suburbs not far from the biggest stupid Confederate flag in America.

You can read more of them on our Facebook page.‘Long-legged blonde’I am African-American and have been married for over 35 years to a fantastic long-legged blonde :-) We met in Cali in our 20s. Our day care that we take our son to has lots of interracial kids.

But just as she turned around to say something to the man who’d spent the last two songs with his hands on her hips, he suddenly recoiled away from her, his face twisted in monstrous disgust.

“Oh, gross,” he shouted over the music, “you’re black.” These are the horror stories that women of color share with each other over spooky campfires.

Some young black guys once in Ybor City asked my wife what she was doing with me. And we were at Busch Gardens once when there were two losers drinking in the parking lot with mud and Confederate flags all over their truck who said ‘gross’ as we walked by.

When I asked what they said they started on some racial slurs.

I know countless women of color who have languished for years in relationships with white men who they loved deeply, trying desperately to understand how this person who was so important to them could say things that hurt them so much.